Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gratitude Rather than Dread for the Holidays

A good friend of mine and coach Dr. Pat Gaymen sent out a November reminder.  The note was motivated by something I was reminded of today in my office. Today we hung our banner for our annual 12 Days of Cheer event-where we celebrate our patients for 12 days in December, offering New Patient exams and adjustments in exchange for helping us sponsor a family for the holidays. Plus, we give your patients a gift for all of those 12 days! This is all great stuff, right?

My question is why we are getting so many moans and groans? Maybe it is the imminent winter, the reality that the sun is going bye bye. These comments bring up pictures of dread instead of joy. This month please I am joining Dr. Gaymen in a crusade to remind people that the Holidays are about gratitude, joy, fun, friends and family. They are about an opportunity to give our time, our love, our money to others. And the blessing for you is that you have a chance to change your routine and have some fun in the process. 
  • Really think about giving thanks
  • Create a Gratitude Board in your office and ask people to post what they are thankful for (Get some leaf or turkey or cornucopia notepads for fun)
  • Take time to plan
  •  What can you eliminate from your regular routine?
  • Decide to make this season a good one.
  • What can you add that will make this a truly happy, loving time?
  • Have you looked at the sparkling night sky lately?
  • Decide how you want this Season to be for you and your family
  • Set the wheels in motion to make that happen (as closely as possible)
  • Make of list of people or things that enrich your life – then thank them Find someone or some place where you can enrich someone’s life
  • Get children involved in being thankful
  • Notice the magnificent colors Mother Nature is showing us
  • Enjoy company while you cook (if you do)
  • Bring is some beautiful leaves to be part of your decorations
  • Get a massage right in the middle of everything else
  • Invite someone to spend time with you and let them know they are important to you
  • Enjoy the feel of the crisp Fall weather
  • Take time to notice the joy of giving 

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