Monday, March 30, 2009

Dr. Oz is missing the Big Idea!

How does the body function?  What makes it run?  What is the one system that when not working right has the most detrimental affect on our overall health and our quality of life?  What is the Master Controller of our whole body?  In this country, most would probably say the heart and the blood.  I agree that system is important and the most fussed over with regard to medical doctors.  Blood pressure, cholesterol, lipids, blood sugar and all the other indicators that tell an MD  you are functioning properly.  The main goal of medicine is symptom reduction and if these levels are normal (even under pharmaceutical control) then you are well.  I am here to tell you MD's are missing the big picture on this one with regard to achieving wellness.

The Master Controller of the whole body is the nervous system. Without addressing the health of the nervous system, there can be no wellness!  One day I realized that unless you were in my office, you were not getting my take on wellness.  I see others out there speaking and writing about wellness and what it means and I truly believe that you cannot have wellness without addressing the interference in the nerve system that Chiropractic corrects.  The reason this is so important is that your body is a self-healing organism and the nerve system is what controls that healing.  When there is interference in the nerves, there is interference in your body's ability to heal properly or fight disease (like cancers and viruses).  Chiropractic removes interference in the nerves so your body's own natural defense systems can be restored.

Research shows that when you have interference in the nerve's function at the spinal level, this leads to a cascade of harmful results.  Some of those results include:  Decreased immunity, increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, increased triglycerides, insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), increased stress hormones, decreased sense of well being and decreased in complex learning abilities.  Yes, RESEARCH has shown this!  See the work of a Chiropractor/Physiologist by the name of James L. Chestnut B.Ed., M.Sc., DC., C.C.W.P.  He has done an amazing job of compiling this information from hard core medical journals.

The Big Idea is that if there is a removal of that nerve interference (The Chiropractic Adjustment), then you can restore normal function to your body.  When normal function is restored the body can literally heal itself.  Who is doing the healing, the band aid or YOU?!  All the problems drugs are supposed to control are the effect, the cause can be stress on the nervous system!

I am not so simple to think that you can have Chiropractic adjustments that remove your nerve interference and that is all you need to do to be well.  I address other steps in my lecture series entitled "The 5 Critical Steps to Wellness."  The other steps you have heard about from countless authors:  Nutritional Sufficiency, Removing Toxicity, Moving Well and Combating Stress.

When was the last time you had your nerves checked? The most common answer to that is most likely NEVER!  Make an appointment today with a Wellness Chiropractor near you. You Can Be well too!

Come hear my lecture: You Can Be Well!: The 5 Critical Steps to Wellness.   Tonight, March 30th @ 7 PM, Chicago Public Library, Melrose & Paulina.

Mark your calendar:  You Can Be Well!:  The 5 Critical Steps to Wellness.  Thursday, April 9th @ 7 PM, Flourish Studios,  3020 N. Lincoln Ave.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's Talk Pickles!

Of all the stories in my new book, You Can Be Well, the pickle story is the most mentioned to me by my readers.  I want to share it with you today.  First off I need to give my friend Carlene L. from Helena, MT credit for giving me this analogy.  It is powerful when used in any context and I am excited to explain it here.

How do you make a pickle?  Well, you get a cucumber and stick it into the brine and eventually it turns into a pickle.  At certain stages in the process, though, you can pull it out and it is still a cucumber, right?  There is that moment when the cucumber turns and it is a pickle and there is NOTHING you can do to turn it back.  It's a pickle now.

Our health is the same way. Early in our lives we are that cucumber and just take for granted that we will always have our health.  We spend little time, effort and money to make sure we stay well. Then it happens like it happens to so many people. We turn into that pickle. We get sick and our health starts slipping from us. It is at this time that all our time, effort and money goes to trying in vain to change this sick pickle body back to the cucumber. We all know of someone who has flown all over the globe to find an experimental cure to their life threatening disease. Most ‘cures’ unfortunately don’t work.

I want to get to you before you are a pickle, while we still have a chance to turn this whole thing around.  Are you a cucumber or a pickle?  What small thing can you do right now that will save you from the 'pickle life' and restore some of your cucumber qualities.  Share them with us in the comment section.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Winsor Autopsies

In my bio I say that you cannot have Wellness without Chiropractic.   I am going to give an example of that to illuminate the importance of a healthy nervous system.  The moral of the story is Chiropractic removes nerve interference!!

The Winsor Autopsies
In some amazing research, Dr. Henry Winsor did autopsies to determine if there was any connection between minor distortions of the vertebra and diseased organs, or whether the two were entirely independent of each other. The studies were performed at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Winsor carefully examined any diseased organs, the nerves that supplied that organ, and the vertebra that protected that nerve. He discovered that 221 structures, other than the spine, were diseased. Of these structures, 212 were observed to belong to the same sympathetic [nerve] segments as the vertebrae in the distortion. This is a 96% correlation. 96% of the nerves that supplied the diseased organ came from the damaged vertebral level.

There were nine diseased organs belonging to different sympathetic segments from the vertebrae found to be out of line. However, these diseased levels could have also been impacted by the nerves coming from the spinal distortions because, as Dr. Windsor stated, “the nerves entering and leaving the cord traveled up or down the cord for a few segments, accounting for all the apparent discrepancies.” He indicated that there was nearly a 100% correlation between 'minor curvatures' of the spine and diseases of the internal organs, realizing that the connection between the spine and the organ is through the sympathetic nerves.

For example, all 20 cases of heart disease, all 13 cases of liver disease, all 9 cases of stomach disease, all 26 cases of lung disease, all 8 cases of prostate and bladder disease. Dr. Winsor's research demonstrated spinal distortions irritating the nerve that supplied the diseased organ.
Dr. Winsor concluded that “irritation near the origin of the sympathetic nerve will cause functional or organic changes in the organs supplied by the portion of the sympathetic nerve system irritated.

Based on this research, nearly 100% of diseased organs may be a result of an irritation or interference to the nerve that supplies that organ. The irritation and interference is at the site of the where the nerve exits the vertebra.

Don't you think it's time to have your loved ones checked for hidden nerve interference?

References: All quotes from: Winsor, H. Sympathetic segmental disturbances--II. The evidences of the association, in dissected cadavers, of visceral disease with vertebral deformities of the same sympathetic segments, The Medical Times, November 1921, pp. 267-271.