Monday, September 2, 2013

This Wallet Says it ALL!!

Are you kidding me with this wallet?! My friend, Dr. JC Doornick, posted this picture on Facebook and it has stuck in my head ever since. This was in a new patient's back pocket and OF COURSE he came to the office with lower back pain and sciatica.   If you haven't heard, SITTING ON YOUR WALLET CAUSES LOWER BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA!!!   
I guess my issue with this wallet is my issue with America in general and how disconnected we are with our bodies and what we do to them.  I would not be surprised if this person blamed genetics on their problems! (oh, my father had sciatica, too!) WAKE UP AMERICA!  Sitting on a 4 inch thick wallet will cause problems. BIG PROBLEMS!! Funny thing is that there was less than $20 in that sucker. 

I can't believe what people do to their bodies!  There is a victim mentality when it comes to the state of people's health:
  • "It runs in my family" is the biggest excuse I hear
  • My husband "gave me" his cold - your immune system strength is your responsibility 
  • "Oh, it's just Stress" - like there is nothing that can be done about it.  FYI: Stress KILLS!
I am writing about this because I am on the front lines when it comes to helping people get well and the insanity by which people live boggles my mind. There are so many excuses that I hear on a daily basis and the truth is that when the time comes where health slips away, no amount of time, money or energy will be enough to bring it back. 

Please let me help you help yourself. I am here to assist and yet cannot do it for you. I can't make you eat veggies, drink water, get adjusted, exercise, relax and be good to yourself.  

Lets work together so that You Can Be Well, too!!

P.S.  Check out this link to give you more info on why NOT to put a wallet in your back pocket.  

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