Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feed Our Souls-Give the Children a Chance for Change in Haiti

I just returned from my third visit to the island of Hispaniola and my first visit to Haiti. My previous trips I focused my service work in the Dominican Republic, in the area surrounding Puerta Plata. This trip took us first into Haiti to visit what will be the home of our orphanage in the town of Phaeton.

I wanted to write an account of our time in Haiti and then changed my mind.  Review the video below. Look at the pictures. Both beauty and devastation all wrapped up together. These children in Phaeton are starving. Well, not on my watch. We (Drs. Janice Hughes, Martha Nessler and myself) have committed to feeding, educating and building an orphanage in this town. Don't worry, you can help. I'll keep you informed on how! Dr. Steph

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  1. You and the other doctors on this mission trip are truly angels sent from our Heavenly Father above to bring such love and caring to these people. You can tell that they are good people and deserve this help from those of us that are so fortunate to have food, clean water, and health care. Thank you for sharing these videos, but especially for caring enough about the world to help these children and their families. Please let us know how we can help. You are my sister, and I have never been prouder to say that!! Love always, t.