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Returning to ChiroMission by Dr. Janice Hughes

Dr. Janice Hughes caring for patients in a

hospital in Puerta Plata

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Returning to ChiroMission

by Dr. Janice Hughes

Returning Mission Leader on May 2010 trip to Dominican Republic and Haiti

Have you ever felt like once you have experienced something you know what to expect from that same situation? Well, me too. Until my return to ChiroMission.

After my first trip with ChiroMission something definitely opened up inside of me in a very different way. The ability to adjust again, after having sold my practice 7 years ago, was magical. The people on the trip, the people we were meeting...the Haitian villages I stumbled upon. These multiple experiences all combined to open up my heart significantly.

I immediately knew I would be back. And while telling others about my experiences, I knew they would travel with me! Without realizing it I was setting up an entirely different experience for my second ChiroMission experience!

The week before leaving I began to visualize 2-3X per day what experience I hoped I could create at the airport. I had asked for donations, and ended up with a garage full of supplies. I packed up 7 large hockey bags, and just kept picturing my trip to the airport, what would happen inside the airport, and the luggage coming out on the other end. As anyone will tell you, the airlines limit 2 carry on bags per person into the DR. I just pictured the porter meeting me outside the airport, the JetBlue team supporting me with this mission, and the bags coming out on the DR side and being stowed into Pastor Joel's vehicle. I didn't even know what he drove, but pictured it as I envisioned this entire scenario playing out.

M. Maltz tells us that there is nothing different between something real and something perceived so explicitly in our minds....and I obviously needed another concrete reminder of this in my life!

Everything about this trip was unique and different for me. Bringing so many supplies and having this all play out exactly as I had envisioned. Being in such totally different locations that I had experienced the first time. Traveling to the middle of the country, to Bonao, and having people hand me CT scans and MRI's. Addiction centers and hospitals. Nothing I've ever experienced in life really prepared me for this....yet everything must have on some level. I just showed up. I focused. I put into practice all the things I teach in life....and result was magic.

I met incredible people...MD's that now want to train as DC's, young people that are inspired to be chiropractors, young people dieing from totally treatable issues in any other country....and a 10 year old boy in an addiction center. The list goes on and on.

I ended up traveling in a boat to meet someone that had been shot 3 times. And in the message that this man gave to me, it tied together a guiding principle in my life for 21 years.

Something happens to me when I just show up for ChiroMission. And how can this joy and giving not be good? I hope to share more of these experiences with you on the next ChiroMission trip in October.


For more information regarding ChiroMission see their website

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